There were a dozen journalists in a Chinese cafe beside the ruin of a pagoda, among cages with artificial birds and many ceramic pots to. Sitting before a game of mahjong and tea set, Michael Bay broke our visit to the set of Transformers 4 - The Age of Extinction in Downtown Detroit show, a television ten minutes from the film.

According to him, compared Bumblebee (Camaro in form “vintage” 1967) to a scrap, make your own giant robots is a form of poetry. When it is dragged to the middle of the action scenes, though, Tucci runs and screams without the same pose. He must assume the role of comic relief like that of John Turturro in previous films.

As those ten minutes do not include unfinished scenes Robots - Bumblebee only in its automotive version of “threatening” the villains with Husky motor - gives you an idea of just relations among humans. Titus Welliver is the leader of the government goons (who wear military type sports cars) in pursuit of Cade, and Kelsey Grammer in the role of director of counterintelligence government Harold Attinger, should be the main human antagonist.